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At Regis Manufacturing, we take pride in our extensive line of camshaft work products designed to meet the needs of professionals in the automotive industry. Our range of high-quality tools and accessories ensures that your camshaft work is precise, efficient, and of the highest standard. Whether you are a seasoned mechanic or a beginner in camshaft work, our camshaft work products are crafted to enhance your productivity and deliver exceptional results. Order online today!






Cam Bearing Tools

Our cam bearing tools are meticulously engineered to assist you in the installation and removal of cam bearings with ease and precision. We offer a variety of cam-bearing installation tools that are durable, efficient, and suitable for a wide range of engine types. With our cam bearing tools, you can streamline the process of installing and removing cam bearings, saving you time and effort.




Camshaft Grinding Oil and Coolants

Achieve optimal results in your camshaft grinding process with our premium camshaft grinding oil and coolants. Our specially formulated oils and coolants are designed to provide excellent lubrication and cooling properties, ensuring smooth and efficient grinding operations. With our camshaft grinding oil and coolants, you can minimize heat buildup and extend the life of your grinding equipment.



Camshaft Grinding wheels

Enhance the precision and accuracy of your camshaft grinding with our superior camshaft grinding wheels. Our grinding wheels are crafted from high-quality materials to deliver exceptional performance and durability. Whether you are working on a small or large-scale camshaft grinding project, our wheels are designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Trust our camshaft grinding wheels to deliver consistent results and excellent surface finishes.




Ensure that your camshaft surfaces are smooth and polished with our reliable flex-hones. Our flex-hones are ideal for honing camshaft bores to achieve the desired surface finish and size. Whether you are honing cast iron or alloy steel camshafts, our flex-hones are versatile tools that can help you achieve precise and consistent results. Trust our flex-hones to deliver superior performance and durability in your camshaft work.


Plastic Bags

Keep your camshaft work area organized and efficient with our durable plastic bags. Our plastic bags are designed to store and protect small camshaft components, ensuring that they are kept clean and free from contaminants. Whether you need to store cam bearings, bolts, or other small parts, our plastic bags are the ideal solution for maintaining order and efficiency in your workspace. With our plastic bags, you can easily organize and store your camshaft components for easy access and retrieval. Check out our Rust Proofing Spray, too.


The Importance of Having High-Quality Camshaft Work Products

Having the highest quality camshaft work products is crucial for achieving precise and efficient results in automotive applications. High-quality cam bearing tools ensure accurate installation and removal of cam bearings, while superior camshaft grinding oil and coolants provide optimal lubrication and cooling properties for smooth grinding operations. Premium camshaft grinding wheels deliver consistent performance and excellent surface finishes, enhancing overall precision. Reliable flex-hones help achieve polished camshaft surfaces, while durable plastic bags keep components organized and protected. Quality camshaft work products from Regis Manufacturing ensure reliability, longevity, and superior performance, making them essential for professional and amateur mechanics alike. Trust us for all your car camshaft parts today.



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We are dedicated to providing premium camshaft work products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our cam bearing tools, camshaft grinding oil and coolants, camshaft grinding wheels, flex-hones, and plastic bags are designed to enhance your efficiency, precision, and overall productivity in camshaft work. Trust our camshaft work products to deliver exceptional results and elevate your camshaft work to the next level.

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