Cup & End Brushes



If you need to remove rust, paint, or other materials on your machinery, a good brush is a crucial tool to have. Regis Manufacturing is in the business of supplying customers with high-quality products that are built to last and will get the job done. We provide a variety of brushes that can help you get your engines running smoothly and efficiently. Learn more about our available selection of cup and end brushes when you shop our selection today!






Efficient Substance Removal

Scale, paint, and other materials can be difficult things to remove in an efficient manner. Furthermore, rust buildup poses problems if it is not taken care of on a regular basis. This is when you need a reliable and effective wire brush that can get the job done thoroughly and quickly. Our cup and end brushes are made to endure and will not let you down.





The Best Products in the Business

When you come to Regis Manufacturing for your supplies, you can be sure that you are shopping with a company that will provide you with the best products out there. We take pride in the fact that we sell our customers parts that they can count on and that are built to last. We haven’t been in business for over 60 years without learning some things about what separates a quality tool from something that will wear down after a little bit of use. 





Save Money

A large portion of the budget for any company that deals with machinery is spending money on tools. These are generally expensive and, if you get them from a typical budget supplier, can cost a lot over the course of time. When you purchase your products from a company that is committed to quality, you will be able to cut back on your spending. We provide great brushes at a price you can afford.  



Work With Regis Manufacturing

Our team has been supplying customers with all kinds of mechanical parts and tools for decades. We’ve been in the business since 1959 and know a thing or two about what you will need for your machinery. We have all of the fluids, tools, and more that you could ever require. If you have any questions about products, we will be happy to provide you with thorough answers. There is simply no one better in the business that can get you exactly what you need.

We have a 60-day money-back guarantee and provide quick, same-day shipping. You can get your products in a hurry from 5 different locations around the nation. Your cup and end brushes are important to the continuing functionality of your machinery, so you should be sure that you are getting the best tools that are available. See the Regis Manufacturing difference for yourself when you browse our collection and shop with us now!