Coolants & Lubricants



From crank and camshaft grinding coolants to honing oil, no matter your manufacturing needs, we’ve got you covered. We understand that your business (and your tools) rely on lubricants, oils, and other similar materials to run smoothly. That’s why at Regis Manufacturing we are committed to providing some of the highest quality lubricants and coolants on the market. For over 60 years we have been committed to bringing our clients the best and widest range of tools, parts, and fluids to improve and grow their business. Whether you need to hone an internal bore or grind down a camshaft, you can find what you need with Regis Manufacturing.




 Only the Finest Products

The quality of your lubricants matter. If your manufacturing fluids are low quality, they burn up or require extra application — wearing on your tools and using more fluid than you should. At Regis Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of lubricants and coolants that will not only protect your tools, but preserve them for the long run and help your machining process to run smoothly. Whether you are working on boring out an engine or grinding down a cam or driveshaft, check out our selection of lubricants and coolants to meet your needs.




Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

As a manufacturing material distributor, we offer industrial amounts of each one of our manufacturing coolants and lubricants. From precision camshaft grinding to valve refacing and honing operations, each one of our manufacturing fluids is offered in large amounts to keep your business running smoothly without the constant need to purchase more. Many of our fluids come in 55-gallon drums or, for the more precision lubricants, one-gallon containers to ensure that you always have enough of your much-needed manufacturing fluids on hand.




Protect Your Tools 

Tools are expensive. Whether it’s a carbide-tipped drill bit or a specialty bore, preserving your tools helps your business to save money and function as it should. Not only does it protect your tools for future use, but structurally sound tools protect your employees from injury. Heat and friction can take a toll on tools and even the machines that run those tools. If you are looking for lubricants and coolants to preserve your tools for the long run, save your business money, and protect your employees from injury, shop our selection of lubricants and coolants today!


Since 1959 we have been providing our clients with all of the tools, fluids, and parts they need to run an efficient and safe operation.  No matter your manufacturing or machining needs, Regis Manufacturing has the parts you are looking for. From valve seat wheels to all of the lubricants and coolants you see in our collection, if you are working on specialty or in-depth automotive customization, repair, or maintenance, we’ve got you covered from the rods and pistons to the brakes. Check out everything that Regis Manufacturing has to offer and get your shop outfitted for all of your manufacturing needs!

Have questions about our products? Reach out to us today for more information about our products and manufacturing tools and fluids.